Our mission is to provide value and growth to our landowners and our farm by improving and sustaining the farmland we manage. We will accomplish this with our professional approach to landowners, hard work, respect, and preservation of the land.


As a landowner, you can expect us to give personalized attention to you and your farm. We understand that every farm and every landowner is unique and we will work to understand your farm and your individual goals as a landowner and strive to meet those goals.

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Here at Truesdell Family Farm we recognize the vital role of both environmental sustainability and economic sustainability have on the long term success of a farm. Therefore, we are committed to taking a long-term, science based approach to crop farming.

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Operated Since 1941

Truesdell Family Farm is currently a 3rd generation family farm located near Sherburn Minnesota. Our farm consists of three families working together in order to maximize efficiencies. We specialize in producing corn and soybeans by partnering with landowners to manage and care for their farmland.

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